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Who Are We?

Boost Digital Solutions is the only agency in Sabah certified from Google and CXL Institute. So you know you can entrust your project in the hands of seasoned web developers & certified marketing professionals. We’re an agency composed of 7 staff members with different nationalities such as Denmark, USA, Brunei & Malaysia and have been building digital marketing projects and websites since 2019. Our home base is Kota Kinabalu (Sabah), but we serve clients all over the world. Boost Digital Solutions has 4 internal production teams: Web Development, Digital Marketing, Content Writing & Graphic Design. Between us, we have worked with some huge brands like Nautec Singapore, Design Thinking Asia, Clean N Fresh and have degrees ranging from Business to Engineering.

Our Core Values

Keeping It RealĀ 

We don’t beat around the bush & keep you in the dark. We maintain an open line of communication and involve our clients at every turn.

Focus On Impact

We aren’t blinded by shiny toys or fancy trends. And most importantly, we’re not limited to a specific skill set. We choose our tools and methods based on the objectives and what works, not the other way around.

Passion For Progress

We give our people platform & power to make a difference. All of our staffs get regular training from world best to position your business on the forefront.

Contact Us

  • Lot no. 25, 2nd Floor, Iramanis Centre (DBKK Shop no. 24-1 Block D), 88450 Kota Kinabalu, Sabah

  • (+60) 14 594 6612

  • info@boostds.com