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Eleazar Oneil @ The Unflappable Dude

(Digital Marketing Specialist)

Display cool demeanor & often cracked good jokes. Despite that, he is extremely decisive & has a wide vision of what is happening around him. He loves wearing his red cap backward & an avid fan of Manchester United – even through their rough patch. Oneil brings an extraordinary level of analysis & insights to his SEM projects. When he is “in the zone”, the outside world becomes even less important and his entire existence focuses on the pc screen. He once woke up with keyboard imprints all over his face – no joke.

Olivianus Pius @ The HOT Man

(Backend & Frontend, Senior Programmer)

Once you asked, he will repeatedly explain until you’re bored. Hand-down, the best web developer in BDS. Aside from flexing his intellectual muscles, he is also a great pianist and Forex Guru. (He has been working out his brain and fingers). He is a ‘Hot’ man. Enjoys hot meals, prefers hot drinks, and even the office’s temperature adjusts to 28˚C. Maybe it’s to maintain his ‘Hot’ appearance. Expert in server programming to make your website online. He controls all the website hosting and domains, backup your data 24/7, monitoring your server traffic to keep them in the best performance. Major in custom-made programming, he can create an online system based on user requirements. His systems have the best UI and UX experience especially in system functionality.

Ezly Elkana Jaulih @ Multi-Talented Artist

(Web Developer)

A stylish web developer who kept his simplicity attitude. The epitome of speed, as well as always getting the job done well. Proficient in Photoshop, a great guitarist, and a singer. This young Youtuber still struggling to get 1000 subscribers on his YouTube channel. No joke. Please watch his videos on YOUTUBE

Ayu Yasmin @ The Devoted Mother

(Social Media Strategist)

Don’t let her looks deceive you. She sure is the prettiest girl in the office—for now … since she is the only girl in the office. Her lotion alone can scent the entire office. As a mother with one child, she really had polished her shopping instinct, especially with food. Great in web designing with a touch of women.

Samuel J.Bernard @ The Dark Force

(Sales Consultant)

We called him the ‘Dark Sam.’ Not being discriminatory, but there are currently two ‘Samuels’ in this office. The eldest guy in the room. When it comes to responsibility, no one beats him. He was a discipline teacher from a private school. It makes us sometimes feel either lucky or unlucky to have him in the team. He works really hard to lose weight. Sam creates compelling stories with data that gently stokes people to act now. Likes to play many types of strategy games.

Samuel D.Nickels @ The Shinning


The youngest member in the room and the tallest guy. He is the ‘Yin’ to the ‘Yang’ Samuel, which is why we call him ‘Light Sam.’ A guy with a mixture of Sabahan & American. He is a man with few words, yet he is our ‘walking living dictionary.’ He looks like pure Caucasian, but he speaks with the Sabahan accent perfectly with his deep voice. The greatest dribbler in any football team he’s ever joined, though we’ve never seen him play.

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