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Web hosting is a necessity for every businesses, government, organizations or personal website. Web host make your website to be publish online and accessible in the World Wide Web. Whenever the internet users type your website address or domain, they can easily view and access your website. You must have your own domain in order to host with them. If you don’t have a domain, Boost Digital Solutions will help you make your unique domain.


Boost Digital Solutions offers this web hosting services to ensures a hassle-free experience to our clients. Web host gives more than just a web hosting services. Which means, our clients can focus their time and efforts on other importants things. Boost Digital Solutions using ISP-based server, a high performance and almost 0% downtime server. Another benefit our clients will get is 24/7 backup system.

Personal Purposes

Daily Hosting

Use IP address

Weekly Hosting

Use IP address

Monthly Hosting

Use IP address

Business Purposes

Yearly Hosting (Recommended)

Must own Certified SSL domain


SSL Certifictes use Public Key Cryptography, which harness the power of private key and public key. Hackers will only get a cryptographic code that they cannot break, if they try to intercepts any servers.

  • Keep data secure between servers

  • Secure credit card details, usernames, and passwords

  • Change the HTTP to HTTPS (‘s’ means secure).

  • Increases your Google ranking

  • Build/Enhance Customer Trust

  • Improves conversion rates

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